“Matador” – first single out of Demolition Derby

written by: Francisca Cortesão
produced by: Mariana Ricardo and Francisca Cortesão
recorded by: Nelson Carvalho at Vale de Lobos, Sintra, assisted by Nuno Simões, December 2020
additional recordings by: Mariana Ricardo and Francisca Cortesão at Hide and Make Inactive, Lisbon
mixed by: Nelson Carvalho at Valentim de Carvalho, Paço de Arcos, February 2020
mastered by: JJ Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA, February 2020
cover art by: Bernardo P. Carvalho

Minta & The Brook Trout play “Matador”

Francisca Cortesão: vox, electric guitar, electric piano
Mariana Ricardo: bass, banjo, cavaco, synth, vox
Margarida Campelo: electric piano, synth, vox
Tomás Sousa: drums, vox

video edited using archival footage from several Demolition Derbies in the US, credits and links below:
“Demolition Derby – August 12th 2016” (Bolton Fair – Lancaster, MA)
“Editing – Nantucket Demolition Derby for PlumTV” (Nantucket, MA)
“Behind the Wheel as a Demolition Derby Driver “ (Coon Rapids, MN)

“Matador” was the first song I wrote that ended on the collection that was to be called Demolition Derby, in the faraway summer of 2018.

Listening to it now, I realize a lot of the subjects that permeate the whole album were already there: artificial landscapes, dealing with the passage of time, self-delusions and disappointments and, finally, an attempt at being okay with a certain degree of inner turmoil: “make your peace with whatever you feel”, goes the chorus.