Family (Musiquim)

Recorded live for Musiquim at a drugstore in Viseu, late in 2012.

image: Ana Seia de Matos
sound by: Luís Belo

Family is a song out of Minta & The Brook Trout’s Olympia (2012)
Words and music by Francisca Cortesão

Here’s what the Musiquim team wrote about this video back in 2012:

“Minta & The Brook Trout have been playing together for a couple of years and they’ve come to Viseu to present their second album Olympia. Even though all four members weren’t present, the cold weather and a broken ukulele, Francisca Cortesão and Mariana Ricardo still managed to charm us with their voices. This is ‘Family’. ”

about Musiquim:

“Musiquim” is a portuguese music project in which artists, mostly national, are invited to perform in unusual places. With the clock ticking and no big setup, every performance is as simple as it gets. That’s the strength of a take away show: the stripped down songs, the unexpected, the laughter and the small mistakes. That is the essence of what we show and, while at it, we take the opportunity to explore our city. After three years, we had the chance to film musicians on the top of trees, in a dentist’s clinic, in a shoe store, on a carousel and even in a soap factory.

Every take away show happens unannounced in Viseu – Portugal and comes to life here, online.