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Minta & The Brook Trout is a Lisbon-based band. we’ve been making music for 10+ years.

so far, we’ve released three albums, as well as a few EPs and live recordings.
we are currently working on new music: album number four is set for release in early 2021.

at this very moment, Minta & The Brook Trout is:
Francisca Cortesão (vox, guitars, songwriting),
Mariana Ricardo (vox, bass, ukulele, production),
Margarida Campelo (keyboards, vox)
and Tomás Sousa (drums, vox).

this is the place to listen to all of our music (as well as read the lyrics and check out who worked on each recording, if that’s something you like doing), watch our videos, find out where we’re playing next and who to contact if you want to book a show or an interview.

you can also sign up for our mailing list, if you haven’t done so yet.

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Minta & The Brook Trout

make music in Lisbon, Portugal

(a little bit more about us, then, in the third person.)

part of a generation of Portuguese musicians with the healthy habit of playing in each other’s bands as well as with other artists, like fellow Lisboans You Can’t Win Charlie Brown or Julie & The Carjackers, which came about at around the same time, Minta & The Brook Trout have played all over the country, from house shows to major festivals, and occasional shows in other parts of Europe, having also played in Japan and the US. their latest records have been released by independent record labels in the US and are currently being distributed in Japan by Disk Union.

the band’s formation is not stable: since coming up with the name, in 2009, the ever-changing line up of extremely talented Lisbon-based band members and guest musicians play songs written by Francisca Cortesão – Minta herself – and coaxed into shape by Mariana Ricardo, who has produced all of the band’s recordings.

following Slow (2016) and its companion Row EP (2017), the band is currently working on new music, to be released in early 2021.

the yet-untitled album will join Slow, Olympia and the self-titled 2009 release Minta & The Brook Trout as the fourth LP in the band’s discography, which also includes a live album made with friends on a cold December night in 2010 (Carnide, 2010), and a covers EP of songs Out Of Washington State (2013).

20171012 025cred_VeraMarmelo

Francisca Cortesão

vocals, guitars
20171012 042cred_VeraMarmelo

Mariana Ricardo

vocals, bass, ukulele
20171012 018cred_VeraMarmelo

Margarida Campelo

piano, keyboard, vocals

Tomás Sousa

drums and percussion, vocals

Francisca Cortesão (vox, guitars) has also written songs for other Portuguese artists. Cristina Branco recently released “Delicadeza” as the advance single of her album Eva. Along with Afonso Cabral, Cortesão wrote the unexpected hit “Anda Estragar-me Os Planos”, originally sung by Joana Barra Vaz and since reinterpreted by Salvador Sobral (who included a version in his 2019 album Paris Lisboa), Afonso Cabral himself, and Tim Bernardes, among others. beyond Minta & The Brook Trout, she currently plays with They’re Heading West, Bruno Pernadas, Lena D’Água, and rapper Capicua and guitarist Pedro Geraldes’ children’s music project Mão Verde as well as in Mais Alto!, a concert for children and teenagers which covers protest songs (in the broadest sense of the term), put into context by Planeta Tangerina’s Isabel Minhós Martins. besides working as a musician and songwriter, Francisca Cortesão is a translator.

Mariana Ricardo (vox, bass, ukulele) has been an active member of the Lisbon music-making scene since 1994. she currently plays with The Secret Museum of Mankind, Silence is a Boy, Lena D’Água and They’re Heading West. earlier projects included Pinhead Society, Rock Group Tiger and München (if you can read Portuguese, this is a very cool interview). Mariana Ricardo makes music for film and stage and is also a screenwriter, having co-written films such as Tabu (Miguel Gomes, 2012) and Technoboss (João Nicolau, 2019).

Margarida Campelo (piano, keyboards, vox) plays keyboards, piano and sings – and does both at same time like few other people in the planet! – with Lisbon-based bands and artists of radically different styles, including Real Combo Lisbonense, Bruno Pernadas, Cassete Pirata and Joana Espadinha. a classically and jazz-trained pianist and singer, Margarida Campelo is also a teacher at Luís Villas Boas Jazz School in Lisbon.

Tomás Sousa (drums, percussion, vox) is a member of Lisbon band You Can’t Win Charlie Brown, who, like Minta & The Brook Trout, are currently working on their fourth album. Tomás Sousa is also a motion designer and music video director: YCW,CB’s video for “Above The Wall” is a fine example of his work.


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