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Minta & The Brook Trout make music in Lisbon, Portugal

(a little bit more about us, then, in the third person.)

Minta & The Brook Trout’s formation is not stable: since coming up with the name, in 2009, the ever-changing line up of extremely talented Lisbon-based band members and guest musicians play songs written by Francisca Cortesão – Minta herself – and coaxed into shape by Mariana Ricardo, who has produced all of the band’s recordings.

part of a generation of Portuguese musicians with the healthy habit of playing in or with a lot of other artists, like fellow Lisboans You Can’t Win Charlie Brown or Julie & The Carjackers, which came around at the same time, Minta & The Brook Trout have played all over the country, from house shows to major festivals, and occasional shows in other parts of Europe, having also played in Japan and the US. their records have been released by independent record labels in the US and are currently being distributed in Japan by Disk Union.

after 2009’s Minta & The Brook Trout, 2012’s Olympia (later re-released in the US by Hope For The Tape Deck) and 2016’s Slow (re-released in the US by Gaylord’s Party Music), the band is currently working on new music, to be released in late 2020.

20171012 025cred_VeraMarmelo

Francisca Cortesão

vocals, guitars
20171012 042cred_VeraMarmelo

Mariana Ricardo

vocals, bass, ukulele
20171012 018cred_VeraMarmelo

Margarida Campelo

piano, keyboard, vocals

Tomás Sousa

drums and percussion, vocals


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Minta & The Brook Trout

João Vaz Silva (Força de Produção)

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Band Photos by Vera Marmelo

Album Art by José Feitor and João Maio Pinto