rehearsing for the SLOW album release, February 2016

back in February 2016 we were rehearsing for the SLOW album release, which was to take place at CCB, in Lisbon.

Tomás Sousa had just been called into the band (the drums and percussion in the record where played by Nuno Pessoa, an extraordinary musician who was part of Minta & The Brook Trout almost since the beginning and until then, and who was instrumental in creating the sound of the band), Margarida Campelo and Bruno Pernadas had came in a few months before.

we were rehearsing, them, for the very first show which was made up of more new elements than old, in the utterly bizarre work space which I then shared with Mariana Ricardo (the core duo).

these photos are by Vera Marmelo, obviously, and through her eyes that place – which I miss a lot! – appears transformed. in spite of the nerves, the concert was wonderful.