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hi there!

Minta & The Brook Trout is a Lisbon-based band. we’ve been making music for 10+ years.

so far, we’ve released three albums, as well as a few EPs and live recordings.
album number four is in the works.

at this very moment, Minta & The Brook Trout is:
Francisca Cortesão (vox, guitars, songwriting),
Mariana Ricardo (vox, bass, ukulele, production),
Margarida Campelo (keyboards, vox)
and Tomás Sousa (drums, vox).

find out where we’re playing next, listen to all the music we’ve released so far, watch our videos, and sign up for our mailing list, if you haven’t done so yet.

thanks for stopping by!

SLOW tape


News about shows and releases.


Minta & The Brook Trout

João Vaz Silva (Força de Produção)

Other Requests:

Band Photos by Vera Marmelo

Album Art by José Feitor and João Maio Pinto