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hi there! this is Minta & The Brook Trout’s website.

we’re a Lisbon, Portugal, -based band, and have been making music for 10+ years.
so far, we’ve released three albums, as well as a few EPs and live recordings.
currently we’re working on album number four.

at this very moment, MInta & The Brook Trout is:
Francisca Cortesão (vox, guitars, songwriting),
Mariana Ricardo (vox, bass, ukulele, production),
Margarida Campelo (keyboards, vox)
and Tomás Sousa (drums, vox)

SLOW tape


News about shows and releases.


Minta & The Brook Trout

João Vaz Silva (JVS Booking)

Other Requests:

Band Photos by Vera Marmelo

Album Art by José Feitor and João Maio Pinto

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