Minta & The Brook Trout hail from Lisbon, Portugal. Slow, released early in 2016 by the country’s oldest label, Valentim de Carvalho, is the band’s third album. It follows a self-titled debut in 2009 and 2012's sophomore Olympia, re-released on Philadelphia-based cassette label Hope For The Tape Deck in 2014.

Minta started out back in 2006 – when MySpace was all the rage – as an outlet for singer-songwriter Francisca Cortesão’s home recordings. You, released in 2008, held five of them. A year later, the name Minta & The Brook Trout followed, as the solo act developed into a band, at the heart of which Francisca's succinct songs and Mariana Ricardo’s flawless arrangements have been since.

A cast of extremely talented musicians has orbited around the duo, both as members of The Brook Trout and special guests. Carnide, a live album recorded in 2010, captures the collective element of the band, featuring long time band members Manuel Dordio (guitar) and Nuno Pessoa (drums) as well as recurring guests João Cabrita (saxophone), BlackBambi and Luís Nunes (vocals).

These days, Minta & The Brook Trout is a five-piece band: Francisca Cortesão, Mariana Ricardo, Bruno Pernadas, Margarida Campelo and Tomás Sousa.


Francisca Cortesão – vox, guitar
Mariana Ricardo – vox. bass, ukulele, percussion
Bruno Pernadas – electric guitar
Margarida Campelo – vox, rhodes, keyboard, percussion
Tomás Sousa – drums and percussion, vox


"Slow and steady wins the race. With Slow, Minta and the new Brook Trout define their place in Portuguese music. (...) The title also refers to the time the record took in that making. The deliberateness is evident in the sound, and greatly appreciated."
Pedro Dias de Almeida, Visão

"We've come to believe very early in Francisca Cortesão's ability to create timeless songs. (...) In Slow, there are 11 Polaroid shots, stories of late summers with a scent of sea breeze and a hint of nostalgia, and a sense of the best of our time's road tripping folk: from Bill Callahan to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy."
Nuno Afonso, ZDB

"If the blues had been born around the Mediterranean, they might have sounded like this, even gentler, with the calm that springs from the heat…"
Manuel Morgado, Time Out Lisbon, ****

"11 songs that honor the record's title – slow, or at least cautions, stirred in a low flame, with a sensitivity and a melodic wealth which are revealed further every time you listen to it. Passionate about the American music of Gillian Welch, Laura Veirs, Bill Callahan or Will Oldham, Francisca hasn't lost her Midas touch for melody."
Lia Pereira, Expresso, ****


You, EP, 2008
Minta & The Brook Trout, 2009
Carnide, Live, 2011
Olympia, 2012
Out of Washington State (a live EP of versions, streaming-only), 2013
Slow, 2016
Row, EP, 2017



Guitar player and composer extraordinaire, Bruno Pernadas released How Can You Be Joyful in a World Full of Knowledge to wide acclaim in 2014. Those who throw objects at the crododiles will be asked to retrieve them, the much-anticipated sophomore record, followed in 2016. Fellow Minta & The Brook Trout members Francisca Cortesão and Margarida Campelo sang in both records and are part of Pernadas’s live superband.


Minta & The Brook Trout’s Francisca Cortesão and Mariana Ricardo play with João Correia (Julie & The Carjackers, Tape Junk) and Sérgio Nascimento, as well as dozens of guests from all areas of Portuguese music, in simplified and portable arrangements. They’ve toured the US twice, and released a self-titled debut LP in 2015.


Bruno Pernadas, Margarida Campelo and João Correia (They’re Heading West) are in Julie & The Carjackers, who are working on the long awaited follow-up to 2011’s Parasol.


Tomás Sousa, Minta & The Brook Trout’s drummer since 2016, is a member of this band whose third album, Marrow, was released in 2016. Band mates Afonso Cabral and Salvador Menezes also sang in Minta’s Olympia as well in a few special live performances.


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photos by Vera Marmelo
artwork by José Feitor
website by Minta